Police body cam footage shows cop fatally shooting 14-year-old boy from behind
© Tempe Police Department

A police department in Tempe, Ariz., released body camera footage on Friday showing one its officers fatally shooting a 14-year-old boy from behind.

In footage of the shooting from earlier this week that was obtained by ABC News, teenager Antonio Arce, is seen running with his back facing the Tempe Police Department officer, Joseph Jaen, before being gunned down.

Arce, who was armed with an airsoft gun at the time, was allegedly in the process of breaking into a vehicle when Jaen arrived at the scene on Tuesday. 


Jaen could be seen in the footage entering an alley where Arce was located in a gray pickup truck at the time. 

That’s when Jaen hid behind a trash can in the alley and pulled out a gun before calling out to Arce in the video.

Arce could then be seen in the video fleeing the scene as Jaen stepped from behind the bin. Shortly after Arce began running, Jaen shouts, "Let me see your hands!" 

Moments later, Jaen fired two shots at Arce, one of which reportedly hit the teenager in the “scapula area,” Tempe Police Chief Sylvia Moir said in a statement seen by the news agency. 

After reaching the end of the alley in the video, Jaen’s body cam shows Arce's body lying in between a sidewalk and the street. It was at that point that Jaen reportedly told dispatch that Arce didn’t seem to be “breathing anymore.”

Arce was pronounced dead later at a local hospital. 

Jaen has since reportedly been placed on administrative leave as investigation into the incident proceeds.