‘Pro-white’ rally in Georgia canceled, counter-protesters still plan to show up in force
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A “pro-white” rally organized by white supremacists scheduled for Saturday has been cancelled after internal strife divided the Georgia group, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“The event was undermined by people who were supposed to be on my side,” John Michael Estes, one of the main organizers of the rally, said. “All I can say is short of me showing up by myself, there is no hope of an event.”


Estes blamed “rats” and undercover informants” for igniting discord among the group setting up the rally, set to take place in Stone Mountain Park.

“There were some key people that offered to help but all they did was stir the bucket and get things riled up and didn’t really help they undermined the gears and pulled wires out,” he said, according to the newspaper. “Here I am, I stand alone.”

Michael Weaver, another activist and organizer of the event, said the rally was postponed and the move should not be considered a retreat.

“Do not look at this as us running away with our tail between our legs or ‘scared’ of a fight,” Weaver said in a statement to the Journal-Constitution. “We will take the fight to the courts and other political and media platforms to preserve our freedom of speech and will have an event at a later time when we have everything we need to secure our perimeters legally and have a successful event.” 

The protest had already faced hurdles, with the Stone Mountain Memorial Association denying a permit for the rally, saying it would “disrupt Stone Mountain Park and presents a clear and present danger to the public health or safety.”

Facebook also deleted the event page for promoting “organized hate,” the social media company told the Journal-Constitution.

Despite the cancellation, antifascist counter protesters are still planning on showing up. 

“Despite ‘Rock Stone Mountain II’ being in disarray, white supremacists may still attempt a presence at Stone Mountain Park this Saturday. Show up & stop them!” Atlanta Antifascists tweeted. 

White supremacists and counter protesters clashed at a 2016 “white power” rally, causing the park to close, according to the Journal-Constitution.