Flooding in Australia brings crocodiles onto city streets

Massive flooding in northeast Australia has displaced hundreds of thousands of people and brought crocodiles onto city streets.

As floodwaters rose in the Australian state of Queensland, multiple residents reported seeing crocodiles up on their driveways, according to local outlet 9 News.


Erin Hahn, a resident of Townsville, posted a picture on Facebook showing a freshwater crocodile just feet from her door.

“It’s just crazy when it’s outside of your home,” she told the local news outlet.

Hahn said the crocodile then swam down the road after leaving her father’s front yard.

Emergency services also told the news outlet that a three-meter crocodile was spotted on a main road.

Queensland Police told residents to stay out of the floodwaters to avoid the risk of running into a crocodile.



While freshwater crocodiles are common sight in the Ross River area near the home, seeing one this close was unprecedented.

The news outlet reported that virtually the entire town was under several inches of water caused by downpours. Evacuations are under way in the area as authorities warn residents of more rain to come paired with powerful winds.