A man who threatened the former head of the FBI and the CIA and his wife was sentenced to jail, CNN reported on Friday.

Keniel Aeon Thomas of Jamaica reportedly made several calls to William and Lynda Webster in which he threatened to set their house on fire and send a sniper to shoot them if they did not send him money.

William received Thomas’ first call in which Thomas pretended to be “Mega Millions” and told William he won $15.5 million and a Mercedez-Benz, but needed to send Thomas $50,000 to pay for taxes, according to CNN. William first alerted the FBI after the call.

Thomas later told Lynda that he was spying on their house and knew they weren’t home the night before, CNN reported. He added that if she did not give him $6,000 he’d give her a bullet "straight to the head." During this call, Lynda conferenced in an FBI agent.

Thomas was arrested in 2017 after flying to New York and pleaded guilty to extortion. He will now spend almost six years in prison and then be deported to Jamaica. 

“We are lucky that we have a few friends that could be helpful to us," Lynda told the court on Friday.