Five paintings allegedly done by Adolf Hitler failed to sell at auction in Nuremberg, Germany, the BBC reported Sunday.

The paintings were predicted to fetch tens of thousands of dollars, but the auction house was hit with accusations of forgery in the days ahead of the sale.


German authorities last week seized 63 paintings with the signatures “A Hitler” or “AH” from the Weidler auction house over forgery concerns, according to the report.

The remaining five paintings, in addition to a number of other items said to have been owned by Hitler, did not sell.

The Nazi leader was known to have sold his own paintings in his youth and was rejected twice by the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.

Auctions featuring Hitler’s artwork or possessions are highly controversial, particularly in Germany, where public displays of Nazi imagery are illegal.

Nuremberg Mayor Ulrich Male described this latest auction as being in “bad taste,” according to the BBC.

Nazi merchandise has also stirred controversy in the U.S. recently. In Kentucky last year, state fair officials called for a policy change after Nazi memorabilia was sold at a gun show.