Over 200 teen reporters from across the country worked on a data project on gun violence this past summer in the aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting last February.

The project, titled “Since Parkland,” was announced Tuesday and collected stories going back to the Parkland shooting. 


“The reporting you will read in ‘Since Parkland’ is journalism in one of its purest forms — revealing the human stories behind the statistics — carried out on an exhaustive scale,” the project announced on its website. 

The teens asked people to send in their own stories of gun violence and noted it is working with an array of other gun violence prevention groups and media outlets.

They said they will work to highlight stories of gun violence that often fly under the media’s radar, including shootings in neighborhoods with high crime rates.

“Standing alongside their peers from Chicago, St. Louis, and the District of Columbia, they accurately criticized journalists for mobilizing to cover mass shootings while devoting relatively little attention to the chronic gun violence that exposes children in some city neighborhoods to danger every day,” they said.

“As the weeks went on, the stories came to include children lost to school shootings, as well as to armed domestic violence, drug homicides, unintentional discharges, and stray bullets.”

The project's website said it is a work in progress and will continue to be updated.