An online petition that calls for the U.S. to sell the state of Montana to Canada for $1 trillion has garnered thousands of signatures.

The petition on says Montana should be sold to America’s northern neighbors to pay off the ballooning national debt.


“We have too much debt and Montana is useless,” the description for the petition reads. “Just tell them it has beavers or something.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, the petition had more than 8,000 signatures and was well on pace to surpass its goal of 10,000.

The $1 trillion the petition is calling for falls well short of the country’s $22 trillion national debt.

The petition prompted the Great Falls Tribune in Montana to publish an editorial last week jokingly questioning the petition.

“How dare you?” the editorial quips. “Are you trying to hurt our feelings, man?”

It does raise the legitimate question as to whether the state would still be referred to as Montana or if it would instead be dubbed Southern Alberta.

The editorial also noted that many of the signees of the petition hail from Montana.

The petitions creator Ian Hammond wrote on the site that he was "surprised that so many people have 'backed' my 'cause.' "