A former homicide detective in Philadelphia was accused of sexually assaulting witnesses and suspects in a grand jury document filed Tuesday and published in full by a local CBS affiliate. 

Philip Nordo, 52, was charged with rape, sexual assault, stalking, official oppression and other crimes. 


One man accused Nordo in 2005 of forcing him to masturbate as Nordo kissed and groped him, according to the report. The man reported the alleged incident to other officers and his claim was investigated, according to the grand jury, but Nordo remained on the force for several years. 

A Philadelphia Police Department spokesperson said an internal affairs investigation found the claim to be "unfounded," which is why Nordo remained employed following the accusation.

During his career on the force, which began in 1997 and ended in 2017, Nordo allegedly asked incarcerated people to refer him to "homosexual inmates" so he could have sex with them, threatened to prosecute people without enough evidence and forced witnesses to sign interview statements that did not reflect what they told him. 

"He cultivated relationships with male suspects, witnesses, or individuals who may or may not have been related to an investigation," the heavily redacted report says. "Nordo cultivated these relationships by grooming the individuals, engaging in conduct to make the targets of his advances more susceptible to his sexually assaultive and/or coercive behavior. He also used intimidation and manipulation to keep his victims from coming forward."

In April 2017 after a defense attorney found that he improperly put money in a detainee's account, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. Four months later, he was reportedly fired for "knowingly and intentionally associating, fraternizing, or socializing" with people associated with criminal activities. 

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