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Ivanka Trump endorses Nikki Haley's daughter for student vice president

Ivanka Trump endorsed Nikki Haley's daughter in her bid for a student body position at Clemson University on Friday. 

The president's eldest daughter made the endorsement for Haley's daughter Rena, who is vying for the seat of vice president of the student body, in a short clip published on her student campaign page on Friday morning.

Rena Haley is running on a joint ticket with Collin Huskey, who is a junior biological sciences major at the university running as a student presidential candidate.

"Hi Clemson fans, it's Ivanka Trump. I am so proud of what each and every one of you are doing," Trump said in the 10-second video.

"Don't forget to reach for new heights by voting for Huskey-Haley," she added.

According to The State, Rena Haley is a junior nursing major at Clemson.

Huskey and Haley have reportedly promised to increase funding for mental health at the university, improve student parking and advocate for more sustainability features around campus, including pushing recycling cans and toilets designed to use less water.

The pair's adopted campaign slogan is reportedly "reaching new heights."

Voting is scheduled for Feb. 27, according to the local paper.