Houston police investigating confrontation at baby's photo shoot after viral #LivingWhileBlack video

Houston police are investigating a claim that a local socialite harassed a mixed-race couple during a photoshoot for their baby's first birthday after a video of the incident went viral.

Facebook user Kelyn Alyssa alleged in a post that a woman, identified by a Houston ABC affiliate as socialite Franci Neely, shouted at her family, saying they were on private property, and released her dog. She alleges that other people were also taking photos in the area and were not approached by the woman. 


A video of the in-progress incident shows a heated exchange between the woman identified as Neely and the family. At one point, the woman appears to hit the family's camera. 

According to the post, the incident occurred on Feb. 16. The Facebook user said she and her husband contacted the police and will be pressing charges. 

Neely told the ABC affiliate that she is "very sorry that I got upset" but added that the family did not properly explain why they were blocking a walkway. She said she confronted other people taking photos in the same park for similar reasons, according to The Washington Post.

She also apologized in a video posted to YouTube. 

"A week ago I let my emotions overtake my better self, and I apologize," Neely said. "I love Houston and ask that we come together to heal, and I extend my hand in friendship."

This is the latest in a series of incidents where black people say they have been targeting while doing normal activities. The video went viral in part because it was shared using the hashtag #LivingWhileBlack. In recent months, police officers have reportedly been called on black people who were having a barbecue and sleeping in a college common room