Detroit police officer fired over ‘racially insensitive’ videos mocking ‘black girl magic’

A white police officer who posted a video mocking "black girl magic" and Black History Month was fired, the Detroit police chief announced on Wednesday.

"I have made the determination that Police Officer Gary Steele be terminated from his position...effective today," said Police Chief James Craig at a press conference.

"Former Police Officer Steele has lost the trust of those he served and can no longer provide policing services in our city."


In the apparent Snapchat video, Steele can be heard saying "bye Felicia" as he records a black woman walking with filters that say "black girl magic" and "Black History Month." 

Ariel Moore, the woman in the video, was stopped by Steele for driving with an expired license plate, according to NBC News. NBC also reported that Steele had criminal conviction prior to the incident. He was charged in 2008 for the beating of his ex-girlfriend and the firing of a gun.