North Carolina man arrested for putting white hoods on Confederate statue: report
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A North Carolina man has reportedly been arrested for putting white hoods on a Confederate statue after he posted a photo on social media.

Jonathan Alan Williams, 42, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor littering for allegedly putting the hoods on the statue in Raleigh, the Charlotte News & Observer reported Tuesday.


The hoods, a reference to the attire of the Ku Klux Klan, were found on the Monument to North Carolina Women of the Confederacy on the North Carolina Capitol grounds.

Williams, who told the newspaper that he opposes Confederate monuments on Capitol grounds, posted a picture on Twitter Monday.

He was arrested by State Capitol Police on Monday evening.

Williams denied putting the hoods on the statue and told the News & Observer that he was walking by to see if the display was still barricaded following a protest on Saturday.

The North Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans hosted a “Confederate Flag Day” protest to oppose the removal of Confederate monuments. They were confronted by a dual protest calling for the monuments to be taken down, according to WRAL.

The 7-foot Confederate statue at the Capitol was dedicated in 1914 and had been vandalized before.

The words “Black Lives Matter” were spray-painted on the monument in 2015, the newspaper reported