Air Canada honored International Women’s Day on Friday with a flight operated entirely by women.   

The special flight flew from Montreal to Brussels to mark the holiday. 

Amy Rhodes, the avionics technician for the Friday flight, told CTV News that she didn’t expect to be working on planes as a career when growing up. 


“My uncle is a pilot and my other uncle is an aircraft mechanic for SAS, so I actually decided to follow in their footsteps,” Rhodes said.

Captain Janice Branigan, who piloted the special flight on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, told CTV News that she hopes such flights won’t be “quite as unique as it is today” in a few more years. 

Branigan said she and her co-pilot “still get looked at when we go through the terminal” because “people don’t expect two women to be flying this airplane.”

Air Canada told the outlet that nearly half of its employees are women. However, there is still a long way to go for gender diversity in the aviation industry as women currently account for just over 4 percent of airline pilots, according to the outlet.

Also on Friday, Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s largest airline, similarly celebrated International Women’s Day with its own flight operated entirely by women.