German soccer team faces backlash after tribute to late neo-Nazi fan
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A German soccer team is facing backlash after some of its supporters, and one of its players, honored a recently deceased fan who was a self-professed neo-Nazi at its match over the weekend.

The tribute by fans of fourth-tier German soccer team Chemnitzer FC to deceased supporter Thomas Haller drew widespread backlash and caused the team's chairman, Thomas Uhlig, to resign, according to the BBC.


Uhlig resigned after supporters of the team brought signs and a massive banner to the match Saturday that read “Rest in peace, Tommy.” Uhlig was responsible for match day operations at the stadium.

“Family, friends and companions are in deep mourning,” the announcer said at the match, according to The Associated Press. “He lived for Chemnitzer FC.”

A minute of silence was held for Haller as an image of him was displayed on the stadium screen.

Haller reportedly helped organize far-right protests in Chemnitzer, located in eastern Germany, over the summer and was the founder and leader of a since-disbanded group called “HooNaRa,” which stands for “Hooligans, Nazis, Racists.”

He also helped organize a far-right youth movement in the region.

Following a goal he scored in the match, Chemnitzer FC player Daniel Frahm held up a shirt in support of Haller that prompted him being fined an undisclosed amount.

"I didn't know that that T-shirt was so widespread in the Nazi scene," he said after the match, adding that he bought the shirt because proceeds were going toward Haller’s family.

Additionally, the team's main sponsor, Sparkasse Chemnitz bank, said it would end its sponsorship with the club at the end of the season, though it had already planned to do so before the tribute to Haller took place.

“The events from Saturday confirm that this was the right decision,” Sparkasse spokesman Sven Muecklich told the AP.

The team has filed criminal charges against some individuals who took part in Haller’s tribute, saying in a statement that it rejects “every form of right-wing radicalism.”