New Jersey transit officer under investigation for allegedly dragging and hitting man

New Jersey Transit Police have launched an investigation after cellphone footage surfaced showing an officer dragging and repeatedly hitting a man laying motionless on the pavement. 

"The matter is currently under investigation with New Jersey Transit Police Department's Internal Affairs," the department said in a statement to ABC 6, a local affiliate, on Monday. "The officer has been placed on administrative suspension pending the results of that investigation."


The investigation was launched after ABC 6 obtained footage from a transit center in Trenton, N.J., on Saturday night. The video shows an officer yelling at a man on the ground to “get up and get out now.”

He then can be seen dragging and throwing the man on the pavement. The woman who recorded the video told ABC 6 that the man laid on the ground motionless for about 30 seconds before the officer started dragging him again. 

Video also shows the officer cursing and hitting the man repeatedly. 

"There was no resisting. He wasn't even speaking," the woman who recorded the incident told ABC 6. "I was torn on what to do. I thought this was the best thing, so that going forward this might not happen to someone else."

The footage does not reveal what caused the incident. The woman, who requested anonymity, told ABC 6 that her phone died after about a minute of recording, but that the officer continued to drag the man for another five minutes. 

"I can only attest to what I saw. And what I saw wasn't warranted," she said. 

It remains unclear if the man seen being hit and dragged on the pavement has been identified. 

"That's all part of the investigation," Jim Smith, a New Jersey Transit spokesman, told ABC News