Anti-Semitic fliers posted at high school after students make Nazi salute around plastic cup swastika

Anti-Semitic fliers were reportedly discovered around the campus of a California high school after students in the area sparked outrage for posing in a Nazi salute around a swastika made of red cups.

The fliers, which included swastikas on some, were posted around Newport Harbor High School over the weekend, The San Diego Union Tribune reported Tuesday.

The at least 10 fliers were immediately removed when discovered by school officials on Sunday morning, Principal Sean Boulton wrote in an email to parents obtained by the newspaper.


“Again, we condemn all acts of anti-Semitism and hate in all their forms,” he wrote. “We will continue to be vigilant with our stance, and the care of our students and staff.”

The Newport Beach Police Department is investigating the fliers, as well as a recent high school party that caused headlines earlier this month when a group of students were photographed standing around a swastika formed out of red solo cups.

Photos on social media began circulating showing smiling young adults standing around the formed swastika during a drinking game, holding their arms up in an apparent “heil Hitler” salute.

The photos, which were first posted on Snapchat, featured the comments “master race” and “German rage cage,” the latter of which the Tribune noted was likely in reference to a drinking game. 

Eva Schloss, an Auschwitz survivor and Anne Frank’s stepsister, met with a group of students last week. She told the newspaper that the teenagers apologized for their actions.

“I hope the school and students have got the message and things will be different,” she said.