The Houston Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is apparently getting flooded with offers to help it burn confiscated marijuana after news broke that the agency was soliciting a private contractor to do so.

"Several recent misleading articles alleging #DEAHouston is looking for Houstonians to burn Marijuana have resulted in an influx of calls from citizens," the office tweeted Friday.   


A local CBS affiliate reported in an article published Thursday that the DEA was looking for someone who can burn at least 1,000 pounds of marijuana per hour for at least eight hours per day. The job will run from late March through the end of September. 

The administration said in a statement to the TV station that it appreciates that so many locals are willing to help, but that only a few companies have the resources to do the job. 

“While it makes for an interesting headline, the truth is far more prosaic — our agents working across the Houston Division make a huge number of great cases, and as a result, we seize a tremendous amount of illegal drugs,” the agency said.