Signs promoting the “QAnon” conspiracy theory appeared Friday at a pro-Brexit march in London.

Photos of the march posted on social media showed at least two attendees holding up “Q” signs, referencing the conspiracy theory linked to the American far-right.

One sign read: “Love wisdom, ‘WE’ are everywhere.”


Another photo showed a man wearing a high-visibility vest with the letter “Q.”

The QAnon theory, which has been promoted by far-right figures like Alex Jones, originated from an anonymous user on online message boards 4Chan and 8Chan.

The user, claiming to be a high-level government official with “Q” security clearance, has been responsible for the spread of a number of right-wing theories, including that the government is infiltrated by a ring of “deep state” officials working to take down President TrumpDonald TrumpSanders calls out Manchin, Sinema ahead of filibuster showdown Laura Ingraham 'not saying' if she'd support Trump in 2024 The Hill's 12:30 Report: Djokovic may not compete in French Open over vaccine requirement MORE.

Last July, the previously obscure theory jumped into the mainstream with a sign reading “We are Q” appearing at one of Trump’s rallies in Florida.

It is unclear what the link between QAnon and Brexit supporters is, but the photos indicate the conspiracy theory is beginning to enter the mainstream internationally.

The March to Leave, which saw thousands of pro-Brexit demonstrators join the march from Sunderland, arrived at Parliament on Friday, the original date the United Kingdom was set to leave the European Union.

The U.K. government has since moved to delay the departure until April 12 while it works to avoid a “no-deal” Brexit. Friday marked the third defeat of Prime Minister Theresa May’s withdrawal proposal.