Homeless people in Little Rock are getting paid a minimum wage to pick up trash as part of a trial program being rolled out in Arkansas seeking to transition out of homelessness. 

According to a local CBS station, the effort is called the Bridge to Work program.

The program formed shortly after the City of Little Rock reportedly passed an ordinance last month to pay homeless people in the city minimum wage, or $9.25 an hour in the state, to help collect trash in the town. 


The program is reportedly being operated by the local Canvas Community Church. Those participating in the program can reportedly work up to fours hours each day and up to three days per week.

"I’m basically trying to change my life," Alexander Williams, who works as a supervisor and driver for the program, told the local station.

Williams is also working to transition from being homeless, according to the local outlet. 

The Public Works Department is reportedly paying $80,000 in funding to the program, which is slated to operate from April 1 to September 27.