Sony to crack down on sexual content in video games
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Electronics giant Sony plans to crack down on sexual content in PlayStation 4 video games, motivated in part by the rise of the #MeToo movement, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

A spokesperson for Sony told the newspaper that the company has created guidelines “so that creators can offer well-balanced content on the platform” and gaming “does not inhibit the sound growth and development” of young people. The spokesperson declined to discuss the guidelines in more detail.

Sony did not immediately return a request for comment from The Hill. 


The Journal reported that Sony had been growing uneasy that its reputation could be damaged because of sexually explicit content.

The #MeToo movement that sought to draw attention to sexual misconduct was one reason that prompted the company to take action, the newspaper reported.

Citing unnamed Sony officials, the Journal said that the movement caused Sony to not want to be associated with content that could be seen as demeaning to women.

The second reported reason was the growth of live-streaming channels where certain gamers play video games and are watched by their fans, something the Journal noted could give games "world-wide exposure."

“Sony is concerned the company could become a target of legal and social action,” a Sony official in the U.S. told the Journal. 

Another major platform for video games, Nintendo, told the Journal that it doesn't regulate sexual content other than forcing the makers to have their games rated. Microsoft, the maker of the Xbox, declined to comment to the newspaper.