The priceless items saved and lost in the Notre Dame fire
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In the wake of a devastating blaze that burned through the Notre Dame Cathedral on Monday, many are fearing the loss of priceless artifacts and treasures that the church has been home to for centuries. 

Though some portions of the building have remained visibly intact after the fire, the collapse of the cathedral's spire and the wooden latticework of the building's roof on Monday have many across the world worried about the fate of some of the church’s irreplaceable relics.

As details continue to emerge after the blaze, below is a list of what pieces that have been confirmed rescued and what artifacts were unable to be saved, so far.



What was saved:


Cross and altar 

Photos that emerged after the fire showed the cathedral’s golden cross and altar had remained standing among the piles of charred remains inside the church.


Crown of Thorns

The Crown of Thorns, which is believed by some to have been placed on Jesus Christ’s head, survived seemingly unscathed.

Several European media outlets have reported that the chaplain of the Paris Fire Department, Father Jean-Marc Fournier, retrieved the crown, which arrived in Paris in the 13th century, amid the blaze by using a human chain.


The Great Organ

The Great Organ, one of the most famous musical instruments across the globe, was also said to be preserved, the archbishop of Paris had confirmed.



Rose windows

All of the cathedral’s three 13th Century stained-glass windows, also called the rose windows, are still intact after the blaze.


What was lost:



The cathedral’s 18th Century spire that towered over the church was consumed in the Monday blaze.



Officials have said the cathedral’s roof, which has also been called The Forest on account of the long planks of wood used to construct the platform, was also consumed by the blaze.


Historical treasures 

Authorities have yet not said how much of the priceless art and artifacts that adorned the inside of the church perished in the blaze or given specifics on which items have been confirmed lost as of yet.