Flint gets remaining $77.7M in federal funds for water infrastructure
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Flint, Mich., has been allocated the remaining $77.7 million of federal funding granted to the city to support improvements to water infrastructure, mlive.com reported Tuesday.

According to the news outlet, the money is from a $120 million loan that was allocated to Flint in March 2017 through the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act of 2016.


The remaining funds were released to Flint by the state of Michigan, but Flint's director of public works, Rob Bincsik, noted to mlive.com that the money is "not new funding."

“While we grateful for this funding it’s important to understand" it isn't new funding, Bincsik said. “The federal government awarded this funding and is utilizing the MDEQ’s Drinking Water Revolving Fund as the mechanism to disperse it to the City of Flint.”

Flint has suffered from a drinking water crisis since 2014, when a switch in the city's water source caused an elevated level of lead in the drinking water, that has been the subject of criminal investigations 

The projects that the federal loan will contribute to include the completion of a secondary water source pipeline and other improvements, according to mlive.com.

“These projects will help the short and long term sustainability of the water system in the city of Flint, but as stated in the Water Distribution Optimization Plan the water system needs in excess of another $300 million in capital improvements over the next 20 years,” Bincsik said.