A student's claim that a professor charged for a recommendation letter recently went viral online.

"My professor really has the audacity to charge me to buy both his textbook and rec letter from him these people have no shame," the student wrote in a tweet, which was sent Thursday.

Along with the tweet was a screenshot of an email in which a person said to be a professor said he charges $20 per recommendation letter.


“Hi Syed, I’m happy to write you a recommendation letter. Because I get a lot of recommendation letter requests and writing recommendation letters does take my time and sometime my office supplies … I am currently charging $20 per recommendation letter. If you’re cool with paying me $20 for a recommendation letter and you’re cool with providing me with the deadline(s) for your letter, then I’ll write one for you," the email reads.

The tweet had more than 600 retweets and thousands of likes as of Sunday afternoon, including responses from high-profile individuals such as former CNN host Soledad O'Brien and author Roxanne Gay.

Numerous people on Twitter questioned whether the tweet or letter was a joke, but others raised questions about the ethics of higher education.