Connecticut parents file lawsuit claiming son expelled over conservative political views
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Parents in Connecticut have filed a lawsuit against Cheshire Academy in Connecticut alleging that their son was expelled from the school because of his conservative views.

The school has denied that the student, Michael Mancini, was punished because of his political views.


“As some of  you may be aware, earlier this week, following a fair process, a student was expelled. This student was given a number of chances to adhere to our expectations, and the rules and code of conduct of Cheshire Academy. Contrary to what you may have read, our decision was not based on an opposition to political dialogue," Julie Anderson, head of schools at the academy, wrote in a letter to parents from the school, according to

Mancini's parents have claimed he was expelled for saying that people who are transgender have "legitimate hormonal or mental disorder" and are "just looking for attention," according to The parents also alleged that classmates began "verbally attacking" Mancini over his opinions.

The family's attorney, James Sullivan, told the New York Post that it is "a precious thing to have competing ideas."

“We should have a healthy fear of an autocratic, monolithic government or school," Sullivan said. 

Anderson, the head of schools, said in the letter to parents that the school generally does not publicly discuss cases involving student discipline. 

"However, in this case, the family of the student has taken to various public forums and media to air their version on events," Anderson added.