Oreo-maker considers CBD-infused products
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Mondelēz, a European food company known for its brands such as Oreo, Chips Ahoy! and Ritz Crackers, is considering joining the cannabidiol, or CBD, craze. 

"We’ve been looking at it," CEO Dirk Van de Put told CNBC in an interview Wednesday. "We’re getting ready but obviously we want to stay within what is legal and play it the right way.”


Van de Put though said that he would be unlikely to include "family brands" such as Oreo in a potential CBD venture. 

"Our view on it is that we have a number of family brands, Oreo would be an example, so we feel a little bit hesitant about doing anything with CBD in family brands," he said. 

He added that he believes CBD's “very interesting health benefits” are worth exploring.

“I do think that that will be something that will enter the main food space in the not-so-far-future,” he said. 

Last year's passage of the farm bill legalized many CBD products, but it is still currently not permitted in food items.