A nonprofit Catholic organization that gives free schooling to low-income children in Haiti last month rejected a $100,000 contribution from New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who has been charged with soliciting prostitution. 

Patrick Moynihan, who heads The Haitian Project, declined to accept the donation on April 10, according to The Boston Globe


“The last thing I wanted was a donation from Robert Kraft,” Moynihan told the newspaper. “I could not be silent. I had to stand up.”

The Rhode Island-based organization educates hundreds of students through its support of a system of Catholic schools in Haiti. Its budget for the year is $1.36 million. 

Moynihan told the Globe that $100,000 could cover a year's worth of education, housing and food, among other expenses, for 50 students. 

“$100,000 is hugely significant to us,” Moynihan said. “I represent the needs of people who have a singularly terrible situation — a lack of assets. But we cannot do good by doing bad. The ends cannot justify the means.”

The Haitian Project notes on its website that it supports the education of "students of all faiths." Among the values it lists is "Servant Leadership, rooted in gospel values and authentic tradition of the Catholic Church."

Kraft, 77, has pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor charges of soliciting prostitution at a spa in Jupiter, Fla., in January. Police said they recorded videos of the alleged incidents.