A Texas bartender faces jail time after authorities said she served alcohol to an already intoxicated man shortly before he opened fired at a Dallas Cowboys watch party in 2017 and killed eight people.

Lindsey Glass was arrested late last month and accused of acting with criminal negligence in serving alcohol to someone who is a “habitual drunkard or an intoxicated or insane person," in violation of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code, NBC 5 Dallas Forth Worth reported.


She faces a fine up to $500, a year in jail or both.

Glass was a bartender at Local Public House in Plano in 2017 when she served drinks to 32-year-old Spencer Hight despite signs that he was already intoxicated, according to a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) report.

The report says she had texted another bartender about Hight’s excessive drinking before the shooting, writing that he had “2 gins and he only had 2 beers and a shot when he came back [sic] I think he was at another bar while he was gone."

Glass went on to write that Hight, who she previously knew, was carrying a weapon in the bar, according to the report.

"Spencer has a big knife on the bar and is spinning it and just asked for his tab and said I have to go do some dirty work ... Psychoooooooo,” Glass wrote in a text, according to the TABC report.

Hight then drove to the home of his estranged wife and fatally shot her and seven other people, the local outlet reported.

He was killed by police responding to the shooting. The medical examiner determined that Hight had a blood alcohol limit four times the state’s legal limit to drive.

Glass, who is certified by the TABC, should have known not to serve Hight when he was already intoxicated, according to an affidavit obtained by NBC 5.

The Plano bar where she worked agreed to cancel its liquor license in October and the business is facing a negligence lawsuit over the shooting, the outlet reported. 

Glass's attorney Scott Palmer criticized his client’s arrest, saying it was “shameful” for the police department to target the people who were “vital in trying to stop the horrific events of that evening.”

Palmer said that Glass is the person who called 911 because she knew Hight and his estranged wife, Meredith, who died at the party, which Glass was supposed to attend.

"This arrest is not in the interest of justice and appears to be a last-ditch effort by the Plano PD to make someone pay,” Palmer added.