Gucci faces backlash for $800 turban
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Fashion designer Gucci is facing backlash for a recently introduced high-end turban with a retail price of nearly $800.

Turbans are worn by those in the Sikh community as a sacred article of faith.


The Sikh Coalition weighed in on Twitter, saying that "the Sikh turban is not just a fashion accessory, but it’s also a sacred religious article of faith. We hope more can be done to recognize this critical context." It added "#appropriation," appearing to call out the fashion brand for cultural appropriation.

The Hill has reached out to the Sikh Coalition and Gucci for comment.

Sikh people wear turbans to identify as members of the faith.

Gucci sells the item labeled as an "Indy Full Turban" for a reported retail price of nearly $800, though it is currently sold out, and a price is not listed on Nordstrom’s website.

Gucci has come under fire before for fashion pieces critics deem insensitive.

Most recently, the Italy-based designer apologized and pulled an extended turtleneck sweater that resembled blackface.

The "Balaclava" black turtleneck sweater was selling for nearly $900 and covers half the face with black fabric with a red lip cutout.

Other fashion brands, including Prada and Chanel, have faced criticism for controversial items and have been called on to hire more designers of color.