First-gen college graduate who was asked if he was an 'illegal' goes viral

A first-generation college graduate, who said his peers asked if he was an “illegal,” has gone viral after posting about the experience on Twitter.

“I am the first in my family to attend a U.S. university,” Jesús Rodríguez, who recently graduated from Georgetown University, tweeted on Sunday.


“My floormates asked if I was an ‘illegal’ and offered me money to iron shirts. Now, I’m graduating with 5 internships, a 3.8 GPA, at least 100 published articles & a full ride to @GeorgetownLaw,” wrote Rodríguez.

“I have a right to be here.”


Rodríguez was an editorial intern at The Hill from June 2018 to August 2018.

Rodríguez’s current and former colleagues, as well as hundreds of other Twitter users, responded to his tweet, with many offering their congratulations.

Cristian Farias, an editorial writer for The New York Times, tweeted, “From a fellow periodista turned lawyer turned periodista again: ¡Congratulations, Jesús!”


The legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas even told Rodríguez to “hit up the @ACLU for your 6th internship.”