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Father erupts in court after cop found not guilty of assaulting teenage son

A father erupted in a New Jersey courtroom on Friday after a jury found a police officer not guilty of assaulting his teenage son.

Russell Stewart had to be restrained in a Middlesex County Superior Court after the verdict was read, news site reported.

"He beat my son," Stewart yelled. "It's always the white police that get away. We're going to die out here."

The emotional response came after Carteret officer Joseph Reiman, 33, was acquitted on charges of aggravated assault, official misconduct and falsifying police reports.

The charges stemmed from a May 2017 altercation between Reiman and victim Monte Stewart, who was 16 at the time. 

Reiman testified that he trailed the teenager because he was speeding and quickly turned after passing the marked patrol car, reported.

The teen reportedly sped away when Reiman attempted to pull him over before crashing into a guard wire for a utility pole.

Monte Stewart testified that he slammed on the gas by accident when the cop turned on the emergency lights. He was worried about being pulled over because his father didn't know he had taken the car to visit his girlfriend's house. 

Footage recorded from Reiman's dashboard camera appears to show the teenager heading toward the ground when the officer pounced on him and struck repeatedly.

The officer claimed that the use of force was necessary because the teenager wasn't allowing him to cuff his hands. Monte Stewart, however, said that he was trying to shield his face from the police officer's blows, reported.

Stewart was taken to the hospital and photos showed his left eye was swollen shut and his lips were bloody, the newspaper noted.

The jury of six men and six women ultimately sided with the defense after seven hours of deliberations.

Reiman is the younger brother of longtime Mayor Daniel Reiman, the outlet noted. There are also three other pending lawsuits against the officer for alleged excessive use of force.

The outlet noted that Monte Stewart's civil lawsuit against the officer and the borough of Carteret is still pending.