Same-sex couple to make debut on 'My Little Pony' series
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The final season of the animated series “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” will have a lesbian couple, BuzzFeed News reports.

In an upcoming episode of the kids’ show, which appears on Discovery Family, female ponies Aunt Holiday and Auntie Lofty take care of adolescent-aged Scootaloo, according to BuzzFeed.

Michael Vogel, a writer and producer for the show, confirmed on Twitter that the two horses are a couple.


Nicole Dubuc, who also works on the show, told BuzzFeed News that ”it’s fantastic that we can show that what truly defines a family is love — that, to me, is the core of My Little Pony.”

The animated show is based on a series of graphic novels. The two characters appear in one of the books, but the upcoming episode — set to air in the U.S. on Saturday — marks their first appearance on the TV show.

Some Twitter users questioned whether the two characters are a couple in the book. Vogel told one user, “Well they aren’t sisters so…”

The news follows Mr. Ratburn from PBS kids’ show “Arthur” coming out as gay and getting married during the premiere of the show’s 22nd season. The episode sparked celebrations from longtime fans of the show, but also some backlash, with Alabama Public Television refusing to air the episode.