Denver Zoo introduces same-sex flamingo couple, Freddie Mercury and Lance Bass, to mark Pride month
© Denver Zoo Facebook

In honor of Pride month, the Denver Zoo introduced people to its same-sex flamingo couple, Lance Bass and Freddie Mercury.

“Did you know that Denver Zoo is home to a same sex flamingo couple?” the zoo said in an online post this week.

“Chilean flamingo Lance Bass and American flamingo Freddie Mercury have paired up for several years,” the zoo continued. “While these two males won’t be able to have a chick of their own, they are able to act as surrogate parents if a breeding pair is unable to raise their chick for any reason.” 


The zoo’s bird keeper, Brittney Weaver, told a local CBS station in an interview earlier this week that zoo staffers began to notice the couple in 2014.

“So this happened in 2014 that we stared noticing them hanging out and spending a lot of time together then we saw them participating in all those courtship behaviors, and then when they finally built that nest we knew,” she told the station. 

As for their fun names, Weaver told the station that the zoo names all of its flamingos after musicians.

“But these guys we wanted to name them appropriately for their relationship,” she said in regards to naming the birds after NSYNC member Lance Bass and Queen front man Freddie Mercury, each of whom are widely regarded as icons in the LGBTQ community.

Bass also celebrated the news in a post on Facebook, saying: “This is the best!! I hope Lance is the one w the frosted tips!! #HappyPride!”