A car dealership in Alabama went viral for its promotional deal celebrating the Fourth of July -- a free 12-gauge shotgun, American flag and Bible with the purchase of any new or used vehicle.

Koby Palmer, the general manager of Chatom Ford in Chatom, Ala., is seen cocking a shotgun in the video, which had been viewed more than 83,000 times as of Wednesday morning.


"Between now and the end of July, everyone that comes into our dealership and purchases a new, pre-owned or certified pre-owned car, truck or SUV, not only are they going to get the great deals and service that we provide here, they're also going to get a Bible, an American flag and, also, a 12-gauge shotgun,” he said in the Facebook promo.

Palmer told USA Today that the sales deal is supposed to reflect the small, rural community.

“They lean on their religious beliefs, their pride in America and they love to hunt,” he said.

Palmer dismissed the notion that the dealership was just “handing out shotguns.”

Customers won’t be given the shotgun when they make a purchase but instead will receive a certificate that can be redeemed at a certified firearms dealer in town or one in Mississippi that has partnered with the dealership.

Recipients must be at least 18 years old and be allowed to legally own a firearm in any state. Customers are not required to accept the extra items, Palmer added.

“This is just showing support for our local community,” Palmer told USA Today. "Anyone that doesn’t 100 percent agree with what we’re portraying, we’re not trying to force our beliefs on anybody. We respect anybody that disagrees, no matter how vehemently they do.”