Marianne Williamson sends out ‘healthy alternative’ to debate night drinking games

Aaron Schwartz

A few hours before the start of Wednesday night’s Democratic presidential debate, 2020 candidate Marianne Williamson’s (D) campaign targeted political journalists with a “healthy alternative” to a debate drinking game.

“Covering campaigns is a lot of work — as you know well. So, you don’t always have time for self-care,” Williamson’s campaign wrote in an email addressed to journalists. “And this is really really true this week.”

“So, we turned a drinking game on its head to give you a more healthy alternative,” the email reads.{mosads}

Williamson’s campaign suggests a number of yoga postures to do in lieu of playing a drinking game while watching the debate.

“Instead of downing a shot, do a downward dog,” the email reads. “Instead of throwing back a Harvey Wallbanger, just try legs up the wall pose.”

If a 2020 Democratic candidate mentions the Green New Deal, Williamson suggests doing an eagle yoga pose, which will “relax your shoulders and remind you that the Green New Deal is not only to create jobs and save energy but to save our environment and stop climate change.”

If Medicare for All comes up, “just meditate,” the release says. If it’s infrastructure, do a plank.

At the end of the debate, the release says, “hold hands with everybody that you are watching the debate with, say a quick Namaste and be happy that you have so many more Democratic Debates to look forward to covering.”

“From the Marianne Williamson press team, the Democrat in us acknowledges the journalist in you,” it says. “Namaste.”

While headlines have called Williamson “self-help guru,” “wellness guru” and “Oprah’s spiritual adviser,” her communications director, Patricia Ewing, on Tuesday emailed a list of “standardized facts” about the author to clarify her job title.

“Not her occupation: Spiritual guru (or any type of guru). Any title that is conferred to a different religious tradition than her own,” she said.

Williamson will join nine other Democratic presidential hopefuls on the debate stage for the second night Thursday in Miami.

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