Holder rips Walker over Wisconsin gerrymandering

Former Attorney General Eric HolderEric Himpton HolderJuan Williams: Democrats finally hit Trump where it hurts GOP governor vetoes New Hampshire bill to create independent redistricting commission Why target Tucker Carlson? It's part of the left's war on the right MORE took aim at former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) on Thursday after Walker accused Democrats of spending "millions" to fight legal battles against policies passed by Wisconsin's legislature under his watch.

In a tweet, Holder mocked Wisconsin's heavily gerrymandered state legislature districts, questioning whether Walker's party was able to win elections in the state without manipulating district lines. Walker's former position would not have been directly affected by gerrymandered districts, as the state as a whole votes for the governor.

"Hey Scott — how can you possibly justify the gerrymandering you supervised in Wisconsin? Democrats got way more votes and far fewer seats. Anti-democratic. Can you win a fair election?" he tweeted.

Holder, who served under the Obama administration, has focused his efforts on battling Republican gerrymandering since leaving office.


His efforts were dealt a major blow on Thursday with a Supreme Court decision ruling that federal courts may not hear challenges to partisan gerrymandering attempts.

"Let me be very clear. In spite of the troubling Supreme Court gerrymandering ruling we continue to fight. We still have both more tools and the strong will to bring fairness to our democracy. We need concerned citizens to join us. Nothing worth having comes easy. We can do this," Holder wrote in an earlier tweet following the ruling.