Police arrest woman for urinating in ice cream bucket, spitting on ice cream
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A Florida woman was arrested on Monday after video surveillance showed her urinating and spitting on an ice cream shop's products, police said. 

An arrest affidavit from the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office showed that authorities charged Jung Soon Wypcha, 66, with criminal mischief and tampering with consumer products on Monday, according to USA Today.

Wypcha, who reportedly owns a neighboring business, is accused of tampering with about $2,000 worth of ice cream, an alleged act that forced Lu Lu’s Ice Cream shop to get rid of all of its products and close for multiple days.


Video cameras reportedly caught Wypcha tampering with the store's products on multiple occasions. Starting on June 17, the woman allegedly began using a bathroom the Lu Lu's Ice Cream store shared with her family business to sully the shop's ice cream products. 

The affidavit alleged that Wypcha used the bathroom on five separate occasions to place her unwashed hands in containers of ice cream. She's also accused of picking her nose before placing her hands in the ice cream and spitting in the containers after opening a store freezer. 

She allegedly peed into a bucket that is used for churning ice cream on June 22, USA Today reported. The newspaper noted that Whypcha allegedly emptied the bucket into a rinsing sink used to clean ice cream utensils afterwards. 

Wypcha has been bonded out of jail, according to ABC affiliate WFTS. 

The arrest came just days after a video of a woman licking a tub of ice cream in a Texas Walmart and placing it back in the freezer gained national attention. The woman, who hasn't been identified, was arrested and could face a second-degree felony charge of tampering with a consumer product. She could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted of the offense.