A Puerto Rican woman was subjected to a racist rant on a routine shopping trip in Philadelphia, according to footage captured on camera.

The footage, reported by NBC 10 Philadelphia, shows a woman telling Johanny Santana she should be deported.

Santana recorded the unidentified woman’s rant as she waited in line at a store in Abington. She said one woman began cursing after a grandfather and his young grandson spoke Spanish together, before a woman next to her began cursing.


"The boy comes back and asks another question [to the cashier] and that's when the woman, who was next to me, started cursing," Santana told the outlet.

The video shows the woman telling Santana she should be deported.

"You shouldn't be in this country," she says, adding later, "I hope Trump deports you."

Santana told the news outlet the woman accused her of making her purchase with “drug money.”

“I was born here, you don’t belong here … go back to your own country,” the woman can be heard telling Santana. “You don’t belong here, you came here illegally. You should be deported.”

People who are born in Puerto Rico are legal U.S. citizens and can travel freely within America, as any other U.S. citizen can.

Santana responded with insults of her own, but told the outlet she regretted reacting to the situation and escalating tensions.

"I regret it because I didn't want to tell her that. I felt powerless because I didn't speak English well enough to be able to properly respond to her," she said.

Neither the woman nor store where the incident took place were identified.