Disney World under rabies alert after employees scratched by infected cat
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The Florida Department of Health issued a 60-day rabies alert in Disney World after two employees were scratched by a rabid cat, USA Today reported.

The warning covers a two-mile stretch around Interstate 4 and Epcot Center Drive in Orange County, Fla., the department said in a media release.

“The alert is in response to a feral cat that tested positive for the disease,” the release said. “The identified cat may have infected other animals in the area.”


A Disney World spokeswoman confirmed to The Hill that two employees were scratched by the rabid cat, but they did not contract the virus. 

The spokesperson said in a statement that the cat was found in a remote area of an office building parking lot. 
"Walt Disney World is 40 square miles; the alert covers two," the spokesperson said. "The two employees who were scratched by the cat are ok, were treated and returned to work." 

The health department cautioned that pets and domestic animals are at risk if they are not vaccinated.

--Updated July 12 at 11:13 a.m.