Procter & Gamble donates $529K to help close US women's soccer team pay gap
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The parent company behind Secret deodorant said it would donate $529,000 to the U.S. women’s national soccer team (USWNT) to help close the pay gap following the team's World Cup victory.

Procter & Gamble, which supports U.S. soccer through the deodorant brand, took out a full-page ad in the Sunday New York Times calling for the U.S. Soccer Federation to “be on the right side of history.”


“Let’s take this moment of celebration to propel women’s sports forward,” Secret said in the ad. “We urge the US Soccer Federation to be a beacon of strength and end gender pay inequality once and for all, for all players.”

There were 23 members on the USWNT when they sailed to a 2-0 victory against the Netherlands in the FIFA Women’s World Cup final last weekend.

“Today, we proudly stand up and give the number 23 a new meaning,” the ad states. “We are doing our part to help close the pay gap by giving the Players Association over half a million dollars — $529,000 to be exact — the equivalent of $23,000 for each of the 23 players.”

Several members of the championship team thanked the sponsor for the donation.

The team has reignited a national conversation about gender pay inequality following their win.

All players of women’s team filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation on International Women’s Day in March, accusing the organization of “institutionalized gender discrimination” including inequity in pay, practice time, practice locations, medical treatment, coaching and travel. 

The two sides reportedly reached a tentative deal last month. Strips of the lawsuit were used as confetti during the team's ticker-tape parade in New York City last Wednesday.

Each player on the U.S. women's national team could receive about $260,000 in maximum earnings for winning the World Cup, according to documents obtained by The Guardian, while each player on the U.S. men's national team could have earned nearly $1 million if the club had won the World Cup.