ICE officers drag man to the ground, break car window in now-viral video
© Pucca Love

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers broke a man’s car window and dragged him to the ground in front of his family in a now-viral video posted to Facebook.  

ICE agents approached Florencio Millan-Vazquez, 32, as he got in the car with his two children and their mother, NBC News reported. They said they had a warrant for his arrest and deportation, but they would not show the man the documents. The mother recorded the exchange in a Facebook Live video that has more than 42,000 views.

The mother, who is listed on Facebook as “Pucca Love,” said they were trying to take their “sick daughter to the hospital” in the comments of the video.

The video, which is more than 30 minutes long, shows ICE agents asking to see documentation from Millan-Vazquez in Kansas City, Missouri. They say have a warrant to arrest him before telling him they can arrest him without the documentation. Kansas City police also came to the car to back up ICE officers.


After about 25 minutes of recording, the officers smashed Millan-Vazquez’s window and pulled him out of the car and onto the ground, where they handcuffed him. Millan-Vazquez’s children can be heard in the recording crying and saying they are scared. He is currently being held by the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department.  

The ICE officer who broke the window suffered minor cuts, according to NBC News. 

Millan-Vazquez was ordered out of the country by a federal immigration judge in 2011, ICE told NBC News. He returned to Mexico but was issued an expedited removal order by immigration officials after reentering the country five days later, ICE spokesman Shawn Neudauer told NBC News. 

A Kansas City Police Department spokesperson confirmed that its officers assist other law enforcement officials if called, as was the case with Millan-Vazquez.
"There was a long process to try to talk the male subject out of the car willingly, both KCPD officers and the ICE agent attempted to talk the male into exiting the vehicle. After those attempts failed the ICE agent broke the window to the car to gain access and take the male into custody," the spokesperson said in a statement to The Hill. 

Neudauer told NBC News the man left the officers “no other choice.”

"After attempting to negotiate with Millan-Vazquez for about 25 minutes, the ICE officers were left with no other choice than make the arrest by physically removing him from the vehicle,” Neudauer said.

He added that it “should not take long to reinstate” the orders and have Millan-Vazquez deported to Mexico.