Boris Johnson's first day as UK prime minister marked by protests
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Protesters from various groups held demonstrations across London on Wednesday to mark Boris Johnson’s first day as prime minister.

Protesters from Greenpeace disrupted the U.K. leader’s motorcade as it traveled to Buckingham Palace, where Johnson met with Queen Elizabeth and officially became prime minister.


The demonstrators linked hands and stood in the street to block Johnson’s car, The Guardian reported.

Police broke up the demonstration before protesters could deliver a letter about climate change to Johnson, a former Foreign secretary.

A former Green Party leader tweeted that the protest was a “reminder for Boris Johnson, in case the air-conditioning was making him forget: the #ClimateEmergency should be at the top of his in-tray."

A street festival called “Fck Boris” also took place, with thousands of protesters rallying against Johnson at major spots like Trafalgar Square, Downing Street and Russell Square.

Protesters carried signs that read “F--- Border F--- Trump F--- Boris” and “cut war not welfare.” Many of the signs addressed Brexit, which Johnson has been a staunch supporter of.

The left-wing organization Momentum, the Women’s Strike Assembly and Guardian columnist Owen Jones were some of the event’s organizers, The Guardian reported.  

Johnson gave his first official address as prime minister on Wednesday, promising to secure a new deal on Brexit that will ensure the country leaves the European Union by Oct. 31.