Policeman apologizes for accusing McDonald's worker of eating part of his McChicken
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An Indiana police officer has apologized for accusing a McDonald's worker of eating part of his McChicken, later acknowledging he forgot that he had taken a bite out of the sandwich, WTHR reported.

An employee referred to only as “DJ,” with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, said he purchased the sandwich from a McDonald's restaurant in Indianapolis earlier this month before his shift began at the Marion County Jail, the law enforcement agency said in a statement Friday.


He said he had placed the sandwich in the refrigerator in the employee break room and returned nearly seven hours later to discover someone had taken a bite out of it.

"I started to warm up my McChicken and I noticed several small bites. I know I didn't eat it. No one else was around. I said, 'You know what? I am going to the McDonald's to see if they can get that taken care of,' " DJ told WTHR. “I went to the McDonald's and talked to the supervisor. She offered me some free food I didn't care anything about. I just wanted to find out who the person was and they deal with that person in an appropriate way."

The complaint triggered a probe with the sheriff's office before DJ remembered his bite.

He “wrongly concluded” that a McDonald's employee had tampered with the food because he is a law enforcement officer, Marion County Sheriff’s Office said in Friday's statement.

The employee has formally apologized to McDonald’s for making the accusation.

“We recognize that McDonald’s is a valued civic partner, and any insinuation in private or in the media to the contrary is unfounded,” the sheriff's office statement said.

A McDonald's spokesperson, when reached for comment, referred The Hill to the sheriff's office's statement.

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