Brazilian gang leader who tried to escape prison disguised as teen daughter found dead
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A Brazilian gang leader who made headlines for trying to escape prison disguised as his teen daughter was found dead on Tuesday, BBC reported.

Prison officials said it appeared that Clauvino da Silva, 42, had hanged himself.


The prisoner was caught by guards who said they noticed his nervousness as he tried to escape the Bangu prison complex in Rio de Janeiro dressed as a teenage girl on Saturday.

Da Silva's disguise included jeans, flip-flops, a pink T-shirt bearing the image of a donut, a long black wig, glasses and a silicone mask.

In a video released by Rio de Janeiro’s Penitentiary Administration Secretariat, tweeted by Brazilian paper O Dia, da Silva is seen removing the disguise to reveal his identity. 

Da Silva was serving a 73-year sentence for drug trafficking.