Lawsuit alleges cops shot unarmed black 12-year-old while he was in his bed during raid
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A 12-year-old boy was allegedly shot in the knee in his bed during a police raid on his home, according to a lawsuit his mother filed Thursday.

At 5 a.m. on May 26, more than 2 dozen SWAT team officers allegedly entered the Illinois home of Crystal Worship, where she, her boyfriend and her three sons were asleep. All of the officers had assault rifles, Al Hofeld, an attorney for the Worship family, told CBS Chicago.

“We’re home in bed, the kids was sleeping,” Worship said.


The officers, from the Country Club Hills Police Department and the Richton Park Police Department, had search warrants to arrest Worship’s boyfriend on charges of drug possession and possession of weapons with an expired permit, but the charges were later dropped, CBS Chicago reported.

A white officer allegedly entered 12-year-old Amir Worship’s room with a gun drawn and searched the room with his flashlight, the Daily Beast reported. The lawsuit says Amir sat on his bed with his hands in the air, but as the officer was putting his flashlight away and put his hand back on the gun, it allegedly discharged and shot Amir in the knee, shattering his kneecap.

After the Amir was shot, the Worship family alleges that the officer covered his badge with black tape and covered his body camera. Other officers allegedly lied to Worship and told her that none of her children had been shot, but that officers shot someone passing outside, the Daily Beast reported. 

“As soon as it was clear that this 12-year-old boy didn’t pose any threat, and there was no one else in the room who posed any threat, he should have moved his gun down, put it on the safety position so it could never be discharged,” Hofield told CBS Chicago.

Worship said she tried to go to her son, but police held her by the back of her neck. She was then taken to the police station, and she was not allowed to go to the hospital with her son.

Worship said she and her son were shaken after the alleged incident. She has nightmares about the morning, and Amir is “terrified of police.” He underwent surgery on his knee, and faces a long rehabilitation process, according to Worship. 

She told CBS Chicago she is trying to move him outside of the Chicago area to Texas. The Worship family is seeking $50,000 in damages for negligence, willful and wanton conduct, assault, battery and false imprisonment, the Daily Beast reported. 

“I have nightmares, and I stay up all night because I think they’re going to come back,” Worship said.

The Hill has reached out to the Country Club Hills Police Department and the Richton Park Police Department for comment.