An El Paso, Texas, man whose wife was killed in last week's mass shooting in the city has invited the public to her funeral, explaining that the two have no family to join them.

In a Facebook post, Perches Funeral Home wrote that Antonio Basco was hoping as many people would attend the funeral as possible, noting the couple had no living family members.

"Mr. Antonio Basco was Married for 22yrs to his wife Margie Reckard, He had no other family. He welcomes anyone to attend his Wife's services," the funeral home wrote.


The funeral is scheduled for Friday afternoon. Local ABC affiliate KVIA reported that the venue holds about 200 people.

Basco previously told The Associated Press following the shooting that killed 22 people and injured two dozen others that his wife was the "brains of the family."

"I mean you didn't even have to be there to talk to her. You could just look at how she was, how she acted, how she presented herself. She was an awesome lady," he told the AP.