Oregon mom accused of defying court order for daughter cancer treatment, turns self in
© Clackamas County Sheriff's Office

An Oregon woman has turned herself in after being accused of defying a court order to deliver her daughter to state custody to receive surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on her liver.

The woman, 35-year-old Christina Gale Dixon, is being held on charges of custodial interference and criminal mistreatment, according to The Oregonian, after authorities say she initially resisted a judge's order to turn her daughter over.


Dixon and her daughter had objected to the surgery, instead preferring to treat the tumor with Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD oil. CBD oil is not considered a medically approved treatment for cancerous growths.

“I’m not a doctor,” Judge Heather Karabeika said, according to the Oregonian, at a hearing earlier this month. “I let medical professionals handle what they think is most appropriate given their experience and knowledge.”

Dixon reportedly appeared in court Thursday, but following the hearing there was no word on her status reported on a Facebook page documenting the family's efforts.

Doctors reportedly believe that her daughter, 13, has a 70 percent chance of stopping the spread of her cancer if the tumor is removed.