Proud Boys members convicted of attempted assault in NYC brawl

A New York jury on Monday convicted two members of the far-right Proud Boys organization in connection with the beating of four protesters on the city’s Upper East Side last fall, according to The New York Times.

The jury found John Kinsman and Maxwell Hare guilty of attempted gang assault, riot and attempted assault, according to the newspaper.


The charges stem from a brawl between the Proud Boys and protesters police described as affiliated with the anti-fascist movement antifa at the Metropolitan Republican Club last October, following an event celebrating the 1960 assassination of Japanese socialist leader Inejiro Asanuma.

The four protesters, which investigators determined were also subject to arrest, have never been identified by name, refused to speak with police after the fight and did not take the stand, according to the Times.

As a result, prosecutors did not charge Kinsman and Hare with assault, which requires evidence of injury.

Defense attorneys for Hare and Kinsman repeatedly asserted without evidence that the district attorney’s office was collaborating with antifa, a term for a loosely organized movement that investigators believed Kinsman and Hare’s opponents in the fight are associated with.

“These people aren’t the New York County district attorney’s office,” Kinsman’s lawyer Jack Goldberg said of prosecutors. “They are the New York County district antifa office.”

Gavin McInnes, the founder of the Proud Boys, has claimed that protesters ambushed them outside of the event, but security camera footage shows a Proud Boys member charging the demonstrators, according to the Times. Video also showed Kinsman boasting that he had “stomped” someone after the fight and Hare shouting that he had ripped off a protester's mask and “hit him right in the head,” according to the Times.

Investigators have arrested 10 members in all in connection with the brawl, with seven pleading guilty and the last awaiting trial.