Memorial to gay victims of Nazis vandalized in Berlin
© Getty Images

Police in Berlin said Monday that a memorial to LGBTQ people killed by Nazis was vandalized, according to The Associated Press.

Police said a window in the concrete memorial in the city’s Tiergarten Park, through which visitors can view a video of a same-sex couple kissing, was painted over sometime Sunday night. They said they currently have no suspects and did not disclose whether surveillance of the crime existed, according to the AP.


The memorial is located near another that pays tribute to Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

The Nazi regime banned LGBTQ organizations, destroyed scholarship relating to the subject and purged gay members of the Nazi Party. The regime would later imprison thousands of gay men in concentration camps.

Germany formally apologized to the gay community in 2002, and the European Parliament included them as victims of the Holocaust in a 2005 resolution.