A Geneva, N.Y., memorial dedicated to first responders of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks was vandalized with spray paint, WROC News reported Thursday.

The stone memorial, located roughly 50 miles west of Syracuse, depicts the American flag being raised by firefighters at Ground Zero. Local outlets reported that the suspected vandalism is suspected to have taken place early Tuesday morning.

The granite monument, located on the Seneca Lake front, reads that it was created "in memory and in honor of those who serve and protect our great country.”


WHAM reported that police are investigating the indecipherable paint marks, which have since been cleaned up from the monument.

Andrew Stromfeld, a first responder who worked at the site of the attacks in New York City, told the outlet that the vandalism was hard to see. 

“It brings it all back to us when more attention is played onto it by people doing damaging things, saying damaging things, it makes it a lot harder,” he said.

Assistant City Manager Adam Blowers told WROC that the city is working to find the culprit.

“To see something like that is really tough because you know those people you see those people everyone day the firefighters the police officers EMTs all those first responders and to have the work that they do be treated that way is sort of unfortunate,” Blowers said.

The Hill has reached out to the Geneva Police Department for more information.