Fashion and beauty giant Dior faced immediate backlash online Friday after tweeting an advertisement for their new perfume, called Sauvage, featuring a Native American dancer. 

Dior tweeted “An authentic journey deep into the Native American soul in a sacred, founding and secular territory,” Thursday morning, alongside a video of a Native American person dancing to drum beats while a narrator says “We are the land.” 


The tweet is part of a larger roll out for the perfume. Earlier this month, actor Johnny Depp starred in a minute-long video promoting the release of the perfume. It shows Depp playing the guitar and walking around an expansive desert and park, as well as a Native American woman. It also features the dancer in the tweet.

Dior is also releasing a film Friday to accompany the release of the perfume, which they describe as, “the stories behind the creation: a love letter to the spirit of a land that should be protected, cultures that should be celebrated and to peoples that should be honoured.”

Ron Martinez, who served as a consultant from the Americans for Indian Opportunity on the perfume’s release, says in another Dior promotional video that the location where they filmed the promotional videos “really speaks to the essence of what Jean-Baptiste [Mondino] and Johnny [Depp] were looking for in terms of connecting with that Native American spirit.”

The video also features other Native American people discussing their tribes’ cultures.

Depp also says that he was adopted into the Comanche Nation.  

Twitter users criticized the roll out despite Americans for Indian Opportunity working with Dior.

But, others defended the ads, saying that Dior and Depp purposefully used Native American voices and input in the design.